• Auburn Uniform Database, Clint Richardson — Auburn
  • Austin Pendergist — Clemson
  • Bama Uniform Tracker — Alabama
  • Chad Fields — Tennessee
  • Gator Uniform Tracker — Florida
  • Georgia Tech Uniform Vault — Georgia Tech
  • Hail State, Paul Sullivan — Mississippi State
  • The Ohio State Uniform Database, Andrew Lind — Ohio State
  • Ole Miss Uniform Archives — Ole Miss/Mississippi
  • Sooner Tracker — Oklahoma

About this group

Purdue Day of Giving 04/28/21

JPC Raffle Prizes

  • Autographed Photos of Purdue coaches
  • Fanatics Gift Card ($25, 2 winners)
  • Foster Farms Bowl Patch
  • Boiler Gold Candle
  • CREW T-shirt, Raphael Davis’ Camp
  • Boiler Uniform Koozies (5 Winners)

Club Sports Donor Rewards

University Affiliation

Boiler Uniforms

Long Form content to coincide with the Boiler Uniforms Tracking Project

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